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How is success measured in TikTok? There are numerous metrics to look at, and a few of them are likes, shares, comments, and follower count. Analytics can eliminate the guesswork of your content strategy. If you want to know the growth of your Tiktok account, TT Metrics is the answer. We go deeper than mere analytics. Aside from measuring your weekly and monthly Tiktok growth, we also watch who’s watching your account or the total number of users who have seen your video.

Our free online service is everything you need to select precisely what type of content your audience likes the most. You’ll know your traffic source, average post reach, growth, and profiles related to your account. TT Metrics also determines total video playtime. TikTok has more than a billion accounts, so it’s essential to check and understand analytics so you can hone in on what works.

TT Metrics makes things simple for you. Just key in the TikTok account you want to analyze, hit ‘Enter’ or ‘Return,’ and you will see the metrics that matter. Enjoy! Realize your potential to reach an enormous audience on TikTok with TT Metrics.